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John Whitmore describes coaching as "unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance".

I work with individuals one to one to help them find their own answers, explore new directions and build motivation to achieve their goals, whatever they are.


Coaching can be an activity in its own right or an addition to one of my courses, enabling attendees or their manager to maximise the value gained from the classroom work.


I also offer Mentoring, sharing examples and techniques, and enabling an individual to evaluate them and consider how they might apply to any area of their performance they seek to improve.


Coaching is available as a course of sessions, or a one-off Fast Focus meeting, giving an individual the chance to raise one key issue and nail some actions to tackle it positively.


"I deeply appreciate all your help Graham. You've been a pillar of strength and I feel more equipped now to make a better effort to combat my fears."


Sample Coaching Outline