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Manager to Leader


Understand what leaders do differently, and how you can influence your team, use your time to greatest effect and emulate the best to achieve your leadership ambitions.

Introduction to Leadership and Management


If you've recently taken responsibility for others, or havent had the chance to learn leadership and management skills before, this course can help you get off to a great start, or take a new look at your role to achieve lasting benefits.



Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations


Managing challenging staff effectively requires skill and strategy. Whether you're preparing for a potentially difficult appraisal or handling problems that occur effectively in the moment, this course can help you achieve better outcomes for everyone.

Managing Meetings


Effectively chairing a meeting, facilitating discussion effectively and working with minute takers and others can dramatically affect its outcome for everyone involved. This course provides essential skills for anyone running meetings in a host of circumstances and can help you see measurable results fast.

Appraisal Skills


Plan, hold and follow-up effective appraisals that motivate you and your staff. Create great targets and PDPs that are strategic as well as stimulating and turn a laborious box ticking exercise into the most valuable time you spend all year.

Remote Management


Whether they're at home, on the road, at other sites or spread out in a hot desking environment, this course tackles the challenges of arms length leadership. Remote leaders require a whole new skillset to achieve results over those with their teams around them, and what they learn here can make all the difference between success and failure.

4 Thought


4 Key leadership areas

4 Key principles for each


but only 2 hours...


In one intense short session, re-evaluate your leadership and approach every situation and interaction with 4 Thought!