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Personal Development



How well do you get your message across? Whether there are issues you want to address or you just want to sharpen your skills, I can help you understand the conscious and unconscious messages you send and how you can take control of your communication.




The transformative power of assertiveness can have a dramatic effect on your ability to express yourself well and interact with others in a range of communication situations. Learn how to use assertive techniques and change your whole approach to being heard.


Handling Difficult Conversations


Learn how to approach difficult or stressful conversations with confidence, managing staff performance, handling problems and calming angry people.


Presentations and Public Speaking


I can help you conquer your fears, prepare effectively and deliver a great speech or presentation that wins you praise.  This can include how to create your PowerPoint and use it well.


Interviewee Skills


Learn how to ace your interviews by planning well, presenting yourself with confidence and identifying your unique selling point.


Creativity and Innovation


Learn how to use a range of powerful techniques to kickstart your creativity and develop your ideas into real world actions.