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Customer Service and Selling Skills

Customer Service Essentials


Turning service from good to great in a 21st century market place, and building customer loyalty through quality interactions, requires skill and consistency from your customer service teams and individuals. This training can be tailored to the challenges of the public and private sectors, giving people the confidence and ability to impress and satisfy even their challenging customers.



The Psychology of Service


Resolving difficult situations and turning problems into customer successs stories, as well as lifting your service standards to a new level, involves really getting to grips with what your customers are thinking. Use Transactional Analysis and other tools to learn how to vary your style to meet different customer needs, and use your actions to influence theirs in a positive way.

Professional Selling Skills


Whether you're selling a product or a service, a big or a small ticket item, the questions you ask and the listening skills you employ can help to ensure you maximise business, and your customers leave content. Many sales courses offer a range of useful tips. I can give you a whole new philosophy and approach to yield brilliant results.

Account Management and Campaign Planning


As consumers, we're all more sophisticated than we've ever been, so as a sales person you need respond to that in the way you manage your customers. This course uses a simple plan, do, review approach, but with the addition of powerful tools like story telling, influencing, individual value propositions and agile selling skills. It enables you to prepare and execute intelligent and powerful campaign plans that build selling relationships, and prioritise your work so you pursue the opportunities you can win.