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Team Effectiveness

A team workshop can be the backbone of a fun away day (or half day!) and so much more...


New Team


A fun and energising session can bring a new team together, set goals and get work started on the right footing for success


Team Interested in Development


Teams that want to get better at what they do can celebrate their success, make discoveries and go back to work re- energised, refocused and strengthened for the future


Team with Problems


A team that has problems can face up to what is holding things back, develop a plan for the future that works and change things for the better for everyone in the workplace.


Additional Tools...


Sessions can be complemented with pre and post activities, including surveys and diagnostic tools:


You can have a tailored session built around the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, with or without individual reports. MBTI is the world's favourite personality profile, and can have a transformative effect, helping people to be better at being themselves.


Alternatively use the Belbin team roles model, with the option of both individual and team reports. Belbin can help the whole team understand how and where people can be used most effectively who can work with whom best, and create an action plan to drive team effectiveness.